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Volunteers Needed

Cannon Township is dedicated to a long-term study of the macroinvertebrates in Bear Creek.  By identifying and counting the numbers of these "bugs", we can quickly determine the water quality of the creek.  We are always seeking volunteers who would like to be a part of our stream study. Your job as a volunteer will be to go out with other volunteers and catch macro-invertebrates (the little creek creatures that live under rocks, woody debris and mud), place macro-invertebrates in trays, identify the creatures, and more. Volunteers will need to attend a macro-invertebrate training. Please go to Related Documents (at the bottom of the page) and click on Stream Training. This will enable you to download a PowerPoint presentation on macro-invertebrate training. Please note: you cannot open the file online - it must be downloaded.
The stream studies will take place every Fall and Spring.

You do not need to have knowledge of stream life or macro-invertebrates! Just a desire to learn about stream health and a desire to take a proactive stance in watershed health. This will be a fun learning opportunity.
Please contact Julie Lovelace at 884-2206 or email at if you are interested.

The Bear Creek Watershed Council
bear creek watershed
Despite the fact that the Bear Creek Watershed has undergone significant protection and citizen action over the past 15 years, a permanent Bear Creek Watershed Council has never been established. On May 14, 2009 a group of citizens met at Cannon Township to launch a permanent Bear Creek Watershed Council.
While still in its infancy, the group brings many people of different backgrounds to the table. Goals and priorities are currently being established. The Council's first meeting generated many questions and ideas of what the future of this group will be. Establishing a permanent Council will give the community a clear understanding and direction of watershed health and policy.
The Bear Creek Watershed Council meets quarterly at 6 p.m. at Cannon Township Center (see the Township calendar for dates). Anyone is welcome to attend. If you have ideas or questions about the Bear Creek Watershed Council, feel free to come to the meetings or call Julie Lovelace at 884-2206.

Rain Garden

The rain garden is complete at Cannon Township Center! It is located in the tall coreopsissouthwest area of the parking lot, next to the Cannon Township Trail Head.
What is a rain garden? It is a special kind of stormwater garden designed to collect and absorb runoff from a roof or parking lot, thus eliminating the runoff from entering storm drains. Rain gardens also filter pollutants from the runoff. They are an attractive part of a landscape design.
From a practical standpoint, rain gardens cost less to operate than blazing stara storm drain system, keep polluted runoff out of our streams and lakes, they are beautiful to look at and cultivate native insects, birds and wildlife. By installing this rain garden at Cannon Township Center, we hope to educate our citizens about the benefits of rain gardens. And we hope developers will visit the garden and appreciate the value of rain gardens in future projects.
For more info on rain gardens go to:
smooth aster
If you would like to volunteer to help with upkeep on the garden, call Julie Lovelace at 874-6966.
Here is a sampling of the beautiful flowers you will find at the rain garden.

Bee Balm
bee balm
Marsh Blazing Star marsh blazing star
Sand Coreopsis
sand coreopsis
Wild Blue Indigo
wild blue indigo
Orange Butterfly Weed
orange butterfly weed

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