There are three cemeteries in Cannon Township. Old Bostwick Lake Cemetery (also known as Marshall Cemetery) is located on Ramsdell Avenue, near the intersection of Belding Road. Bostwick Lake Cemetery is located at 9040 Old Belding Road and Cannonsburg Cemetery is located at 5600 Sunfish Lake Avenue.

Cemetery Fees:
4 Lot Grave Sites (Township resident)                    $800.00
Lot Grave Sites (Non-Township resident)             1,600.00
2 Lot Grave Sites (Township resident)                       400.00
2 Lot Grave Sites (Non-Township resident             800.00

Grave Opening/Closing           
 Adult                                                $480.00
 Infant  (0-2 years)                        305.00
 Child    (3 - 10 years)                    330.00
Cremation                                       250.00
Additional Fees:
Winter Burial                                350.00
Saturday Burial                            135.00
Sunday Burial                               250.00
Burial after 4:00pm                     70.00

Columbarium - New Bostwick Lake Cemetery 

Columbarium Niche                 150.00
Interment of Cremain*           150.00
      *(Additional weekend and after 4:00pm fees apply.)

All burials are handled through our sexton John Venman.