Oil & Gas Drilling Information

Oil & Gas Drilling Information

Recently, it has come to our attention that a Traverse City company is contacting residents along Kreuter Road and Greeley Avenue in order to encourage them to sign a lease for oil and gas drilling. The Cannon Township Board wishes to help these landowners to have access to as much information as possible in order to make the best decision for their future and the future of Cannon Township. You find this information in our "Watershed" Department because one of our greatest concerns is the impact to the surface and underground water resources by the drilling process.  

This link to Michigan State University Extension's Oil & Gas website will provide valuable information.  MSUE-Oil and Gas

This is the link to the presentation that was shown at the meeting on January 22nd.  It explains in detail what to consider when asked to sign a lease from an oil company.  Presentation

This link shows a video by "The Wild Mitten" of a few minutes of the Question and Answer session after the presentation was shown.  Video

This link is an excerpt from the Board Meeting of January 12, 2015 when the three ordinances to protect Cannon Township against "fracking" were adopted.  Video  It was also recorded by the Wild Mitten.