Rogue River Watershed

Rogue River Watershed

1231205426742862The Rogue River Watershed in Cannon Township is located on the northwest side of the township. The two major sub-watersheds in Cannon Township that are included in the Rogue River Watershed are Barkley and Rum Creek watersheds. 

Much of the Rogue River Watershed is in northwestern Kent and southeastern Newaygo Counties. The Rogue River Watershed also extends into Muskegon, Montcalm and Ottawa Counties. It drains an area of approximately 234 square miles and is one of the major tributaries of the Grand River. The Rogue River is designated as one of Michigan's "Natural Rivers."

Michigan is blessed with more than 36,000 miles of rivers and streams! The Natural Rivers Program was developed to preserve, protect and enhance our state's finest river systems for the use and enjoyment of current and future generations by allowing property owners their right to reasonable development, while protecting Michigan's unique river resources. There are currently 2,091 miles of river and streams that are designated as state Natural Rivers under authority of Part 305, Natural Rivers of PA 451 of 1994. For more information about the Natural Rivers Program visit: Michigan's Natural Rivers Program .

The Rogue River Watershed Partners
1231211476312912The mission of the Rogue River Watershed Partners is the long-term enhancement, promotion, and protection of the Rogue River, its tributaries and the watershed through education, community stewardship and watershed-based land use planning.  We envision a healthy, sustainable Rogue River with a strong organization working to protect it, including watershed residents, governments, kayakers and canoeists, businesses, and organizations

Please consider becoming a member.  For more information, Visit the Rogue River Watershed Partners website! or E-mail uat

Barkley Creek
Barkley Creek was once fed by a marsh, formerly known as Grass Lake, which is now known as Lake Bella Vista. Barkley Creek begins at Lake Bella Vista and flows into the Rogue River just south of Rockford. In 1972 major work was done around the lake to move earth, drill wells and build the dam that now controls the height of Lake Bella Vista and the flow of Barkley Creek.

Rum Creek

Rum Creek is considered a second order, coldwater designated stream. It is located on the map above as the blue lines in the pink shaded area in the northern part of the township. It is four miles long and is a tributary of the Rogue River, which it enters just north of Rockford. Silver Lake is where Rum Creek begins.

In recent years there have been concerns about the impact development has and will have on the quality of the creek due to erosion, runoff and sedimentation. In 1992 the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's (MDEQ) Surface Water Quality Division did a Biological Assessment. This report was published in April of 1994.