Township Lakes

Township Lakes

Cannon Township has nine (9) lakes ranging in size from 5 acres to 217 acres, for a combined area of 850 acres. The three largest lakes, Bostwick Lake, Lake Bella Vista, and Silver Lake, are located just north of Belding Road, while the rest lie to the south of Belding Road. Below is a short description of each lake.
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1231207149629829THE BIG THREE (In no particular order)

  • Lake Bella Vista - Also known as Grass Lake. As mentioned above, Lake Bella Vista feeds Barkley Creek, which is a tributary of the Rogue River. In 1968 Cannon Development Corporation began acquiring property around the then-marshy lake. In 1972, work began to change the lake from the grassy marsh into the 203-acre lake that it is today. The lake is surrounded by homes, condos and businesses mostly to the east and south. The western-most of the three big lakes just north of Belding Rd (M-44), and the third largest lake in Cannon Township, Lake Bella Vista has an area of 203 acres.
  • Silver Lake - The area around the lake is completely residential, with a private golf course to the east of this lake. Located in between the other two big lakes along Belding Rd., Silver Lake is the second largest lake with an area of 215 acres. Silver Lake is located at the headwaters of the Rum Creek Watershed, within the Rogue River Watershed.
  • Bostwick Lake - This lake is surrounded mostly by a residential area. Located along Belding Rd., Bostwick Lake is the largest body of water in Cannon Township, with an area of 217 acres. It is located within the Bear Creek Watershed. Bostwick Lake is also part of the headwaters of Bear Creek.
OTHER LAKES IN CANNON TOWNSHIP Note- all of the following lakes are within the Bear Creek Watershed

  • Pickerel Lake - The lake is surrounded almost entirely by the Fred Meijer Nature Preserve in the mid-eastern part of Cannon. Pickerel Lake is the fourth largest lake in the township covering 56.9 acres.
  • Ratigan Lake - Also known as Bell Lake, it sits on the boarder between Cannon and Grattan Townships and is mostly residential on Cannon Township's side. Located in the South East corner of the township, this lake has an area of 56 acres.
  • Sunfish Lake - Sunfish Lake is located just to the south and east of Silver Lake. More than half of the lakeshore is residential. The size of this lake is 10.6 acres.
  • Little Bostwick Lake - It is just south of Bostwick Lake, and surrounded mostly by low density residential. Camp Roger is located on much of the land surrounding this 6.8-acre lake.
  • Austin Lake - Located in State Game Area just south of 5 Mile Rd. It is the smallest of the lakes in the township, at 5 acres.
  • Hyser Lake - Located in Cannonsburg State Game area, it has an area of 8.5 acres. It is also just south of 5 Mile Rd. near Dursum Avenue.
Natural Shorelines

1231293046198727The relationship between a lake and its shoreline is important. The shoreline zone is the last line of defense against forces that may otherwise destroy a healthy lake. Owners of shoreland property often want a traditional lawn and beach at the shoreline. However, this type of environment can cause many problems in the lake. Among them are:

Green water: a mowed lawn sends rain runoff carrying fertilizers, pet waste and lawn clippings to the water where they fuel algae blooms.
More erosion: water plants such as bulrushes, cattails and coontail soften the erosive effects of waves along shores. Removing these plants creates erosion.
Nuisance wildlife problems: traditional lawns attract geese who love to graze on the rich, green grass and like the lack of tall vegetation because it deters their predators. In one week, an adult goose can produce 15 pounds of droppings.

With loss of aquatic vegetation gone, fish have no place to live. Big fish will not have as many small fish to feed upon and the lake's fish supply can suffer.

Consider the value of shoreline habitat and creating a shoreline buffer. You can still have a beach and/or boat area. Visit the following EPA website for more information
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