Cannon Township, Michigan

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2019 Spring/Summer Road Projects

Contractors have begun prep work for the resurfacing projects in Rockford Village, Cannon Farms, and Lake Bella Vista this week.

Work will include lowering castings/manholes.

The week of April 29th crews will begin removing the existing asphalt and paving the base course within a couple of days of removal.

After the based course is completed castings/manholes are raised to a level to match the top course asphalt, 1 ½ inches above the base course.

Generally when the contractor gets all the castings within an area raised they will begin to place the top course of asphalt.

This process should be completed by mid-May, but always subject to weather.

After all the top course asphalt is placed RC crews will do any necessary restoration/black dirt placement and grass seeding.

Note crews attempt to work around underground sprinklers but those placed near the edge of the pavement maybe damaged and are the property owners responsibility as the KCRC does not permit them in the right-of way.

While residents will be inconvienced at times they will have access to their homes/driveways at the end of each day.

The RC will have an inspector assigned to the project that will be onsite during the paving and periodically during the prep phases, they drive a red KCRC marked vehicle.

Residents can feel free to make contact with the inspector with questions or special needs or call the maintenance office.

Resident’s patience and cooperation during the project including not parking on the street and not running their sprinklers will allow for a safe, efficient and quality project.


Thanks for your partnership on these projects





Week of April 29th – May 4th

Lower Castings, Mill and Base Coat:

Cannon Farms, Bella Vista Gardens, Bella Vista Shores and Rockford Hills Village Streets


Week of May 6th – May 11th

Top Coat and Raise Castings:

Cannon Farms, Bella Vista Gardens, Bella Vista Shores and Rockford Hills Village Streets


Week of May 13th

Finish Blacktop Work and Raise Castings