Cannon Township, Michigan

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Kent County Emergency Management Flood Plan

Good morning,

This Wednesday (Oct 16th) Kent County Emergency Management will be doing a small operation that will involve each of your townships.  We will have Emergency Management volunteers making contact with approximately 30 parcel owners (residents) at homes along Barkley Creek from the dam at Lake Bella Vista to the Rogue River.  Our volunteers will have yellow or red colored reflective vests and will have identification that shows they are a Kent County Emergency Management volunteer (RACES, Medical Reserve Corps, CERT).  I will also be out there (Lou Hunt 293-3048) and Stacy Madden (450-7629) as well.  The purpose of this is to update our emergency contact information for persons with property in the flood inundation zone below the Lake Bella Vista (AKA the Grass Lake) Dam.  In addition to updating their contact information, we will be asking them to sign up for the Kent County Sheriff App, under Emergency Alerts, where we will eventually have a “flooding” subgroup.  This will give us another way to alert/inform these individuals when need arises.  We intend to gather at 5pm at Cannon Fire 6878 Belding Rd, give the volunteers their assignments, and then we will all leave Cannon Fire to make our contacts.  We intend to make contact with these citizens from 5:30pm and we hope to knock on our last doors at 8:30pm.  For the homes where we cannot make contact with the occupants, we will be placing a door hanger on their door that says:



As required by the State of Michigan, Kent County Emergency Management and the Kent County Drain Commissioner’s Office are in the process of a periodic update of the emergency action plan for the Lake Bella Vista (Grass Lake) Dam.  As part of this update, we need to verify the names and contact information of residents downstream of the dam.  Our offices are utilizing Kent County Emergency Management staff and volunteers to try to make contact in person with residents and verify that information, as well as to gather some other useful information regarding specific needs during a flooding emergency or the activation of the dam’s emergency plan.  One method we intend to use to communicate during flooding or emergency is the Kent County Sheriff’s Office smart phone app, which is free and available through the App store.  We are asking all residents who have a smart phone to download that App to their phone and choose to receive Emergency Alerts on the App.  For those who choose not to download the App, communication will be limited to traditional emergency only communication such as phone calls.  If you were not reached in person, please contact the Kent County Emergency Management Office at 616-632-6255, or via e-mail at:


If any of you know a good way for us to alert these residents that we will be in the area (ex: a township community website, etc), please feel free to do so, or let me know how I can go about that.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to call me (293-3048).

Lt. Louis Hunt