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Can I have horses on my property, and if so, how many?
On parcels of ten (10) acres or less in the RR Rural Residential District, and with a minimum of two acres, you may have one horse per acre up to 10 horses. Over ten acre properties have no limit on the number of horses. On parcels in the R-1 Low Density Single Family Dwelling District, the minimum parcel size is two and one half acres (2-1/2) for the keeping of a horse.
What is the difference between real and personal property taxes?
Real property is property which is attached such as land and buildings. Real property taxes are assessed on either commercial/industrial or residential property. Personal property is any property that isn't real property. Personal property taxes are assessed only on property that is used in a business.
How is property assessed?
Real property assessments are based on market values and are assessed yearly by the assessor's department. For more information on Property Assessments, please contact the Township Assessor's Office at (616) 874-6966.
What is the difference between assessed value and taxable value?
Taxable value (TV) is the value used to compute your tax bill and applies to real property only. "TV" is determined yearly as the LESSER of assessed value (market based as determined by assessor) and capped value. Capped value is the prior year's taxable value, less taxable value of losses, "capped" by an increase of the lesser of 5% or the rate of inflation, plus assessed value of additions. Taxable value becomes uncapped when property is sold or transferred.
What is a principal residence exemption and how do I know if I have one?
A homestead exemption entitles the owner of real property an exemption from the 18* mills of school operating tax for the percentage of taxable value used as a primary residence. * or less subject to Headlee Amendment roll back
How is my tax rate determined?
In the summer tax cycle, the tax levies of the Township, Kent Intermediate School District (KISD), Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC), the State of Michigan, and the respective public school district within which the property is located are approved by the elected board members. These taxing units primarily utilize their tax collections for the operating fiscal year that commences July 1st of the tax year being billed and continues through June 30 of the succeeding year. The State Education Tax is also levied in the summer tax cycle and the tax rate is authorized by the state treasurer. The state monies are applied to the State of Michigan operating fiscal year from October 1st (three months after the billing) through September 30th of the next year. The Kent County Board of Commissioners approves the county tax rate to be levied for property tax bills which are levied December 1st of each year. The winter tax provides monies for the operating fiscal year that commences January 1st of the succeeding year (one month after the levy date) and continues through December 31st of the same next year.
Results 1-6 of 6