Cannon Township, Michigan

Cannon Township is a great place to live, work and do business.


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Can I have horses on my property, and if so, how many?
On parcels of ten (10) acres or less in the RR Rural Residential District, and with a minimum of two acres, you may have one horse per acre up to 10 horses. Over ten acre properties have no limit on the number of horses. On parcels in the R-1 Low Density Single Family Dwelling District, the minimum parcel size is two and one half acres (2-1/2) for the keeping of a horse.
How do I divide my property?
The number of land divisions is determined by the State of Michigan Land Act and by the current zoning of the property in Cannon Township. The RR - Rural Residential District requires a minimum lot size of two acres with 175 feet of road frontage. The length of the parcel cannot be longer than four times its width (example: 4 x 175 = 700). Another restriction is the date of the last land division.
Results 1-2 of 2