Department Listing

Department Listing

The following list contains links to Township elected officials and departments along with their contact information. A list of boards, commissions and committees is also available.

Elected Officials

Township Board  (616) 874-6966


Assessing (616)874-6966 
Building (616) 874-6966
The building department reviews and
issues building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits.
(616) 863-9294
Building Department (616) 874-6966
Clerk (616) 874-6966
Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement Department is responsible
for enforcement of the Zoning and Regulatory
(General) Ordinances as adopted by the Cannon
Township Board to protect the health, safety and
welfare of the residents of Cannon Township.
(616) 874-6966
Fire Department (616) 874-9725
Kent County Sheriff
The Kent County Sheriff's Department patrols
Cannon Township on a regular basis 12 hours per day.
Cannon also contracts for additional coverage when needed.
(616) 632-6100 x 1  
Parks & Recreation    
Planning & Zoning
The Planning Department is responsible for
current and long-range planning in Cannon Township.
The Zoning Department is responsible for administration of Ordinances.
(616) 874-6966  
Sewer (616) 874-6966  
Supervisor (616) 874-6966
Treasurer (616) 874-6966
Watershed (616) 874-6966