Upcoming Timber Sale at Cannonsburg State Game Area

Upcoming Timber Sale at Cannonsburg State Game Area

On behalf of the Michigan DNR, Wildlife Division’s land management staff overseeing the Cannonburg State Game Area, I am reaching out to you so that you are aware of a timber sale that will become active there in the next couple of weeks.  See the attached timber sale map for further location details. 


We wanted to take the time to inform you of this activity in the event it creates a lot of interest within the community as well as to be a good neighbor and partner.


The Cannonsburg timber sale was discussed, planned, and prepared to achieve wildlife habitat objectives based off of existing management plans for the region and specifically for this state game area.  Timber sales are a common management tool for regenerating forest types such as aspen and mixed hardwood stands of oak, black cherry, and maple.  With this specific timber sale, several stands of planted pine trees will be removed to encourage natural regeneration of hardwood species. Harvesting these aging trees creates space and sunlight for new trees to grow. Also several stands of aspen will be harvested to regenerate aspen saplings which is a standard forestry/wildlife management practice for this type of tree species. Aspen create excellent food sources and habitat for wildlife.


The timber sale was sold last year and will begin sometime this winter, most likely in the next couple of weeks.  The purchaser of the timber sale has from Dec. 1st through March 1st of this year to conduct harvest operations within the sale area.  If weather conditions are not conducive, loggers may need another winter season to finish up.  They’ll have some time after March 1st to continue trucking cut product off the site and to rehabilitate the landing areas, which will most likely take place in or near the parking locations off Dursum Avenue and possibly 4 Mile Road.  There will be logging signs placed along the roads and trails to alert people of the activity. 


Greg Hochstetler, who is a Wildlife Division Technician out of the Muskegon Wildlife DNR Field Office, will be the timber sale administrator for this operation and will be working directly with the loggers.  He’ll be the best person to contact via phone if needed.  His number is 616-302-0863.  He can also be reached via email at: HochstetlerG@michigan.gov . 


John Niewoonder is the regional Field Operations Manager that oversees this State Game Area as well as the other State Game Areas in the neighboring Counties.  He can also be Cc’d to any email communications regarding this timber sale. His email is: niewoonderj@michigan.gov .  As Greg works on the ground with the loggers, John may be able to help with broader items if need be. 


And for safe measure, I can be contacted as a backup if need be. 


Greg will be the point of contact from here, but we wanted to give you a couple of other options in the event Greg is unavailable. 


With that, we anticipate things to proceed smoothly with the timber sale operations and expect a lot of curiosity among the recreational users of the state game area and from the surrounding residents.  Some may be shocked, others may hardly notice it, and it may or may not cause an uptick in phone calls and emails in that this type of management hasn’t occurred at the Cannonsburg SGA in several years.  However, timber sales are used frequently across the region on all SGA’s to some extent, and this is nothing out of the ordinary for folks to be concerned about. 


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any comments, questions, and/or concerns too!  We’ll be happy talk more about this timber sale and Cannonsburg SGA in general.