Kent County Road Commission referencing proposed Orchard View Development

Kent County Road Commission referencing proposed Orchard View Development

The Cannon Township Board reached out to the Kent County Road Commission regarding the proposed Orchard View development at the corner of Courtland and Belding Rd. because of the concerns we heard about traffic issues at the public hearing held on July 9th. Below is the response we received yesterday.

"I have reviewed the Traffic Impact Study for the proposed Orchard View PUD in Cannon Township dated May 9, 2018 prepared by Wade-Trim. The study was prepared in an acceptable manner following the generally accepted traffic engineering principles. I have also discussed the findings of the study with a representative of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

While there will be additional traffic generated by the proposed development over the amount that would be generated if the site were developed under the current zoning, the amount is relatively low compared to the existing volume on M-44 (Belding) and there is sufficient capacity at 7 Mile Road and Courtland Drive to accommodate additional volumes from the development which would use that intersection to access the site.

In discussions with MDOT they will likely require the construction of a left turn lane on M-44 (Belding) at the site access. This would include extending the left-turn lane to provide a left-turn lane for Fox Meadows Dr.

While the Road Commission has not seen a formal application for this development, we would likely require a left-turn lane to be constructed for northbound Courtland Drive at M-44 (Belding) and left-turn lanes on Courtland Drive at each of the site access points.

Tim Haagsma PE
KCRC Director of Traffic and Safety"