5 Mile statement from supervisor Steve Grimm

5 Mile statement from supervisor Steve Grimm

From the Supervisor


On Wednesday, November 8, 2023, the Kent County Road Commission held an informational meeting at, and hosted by, Cannon Township. Clerk and Road Committee chair Jim Alles, who had just the day before spent 16 hours overseeing a flawless election, well into the early hours of the morning, presented the issue. He was met with unfair and inaccurate comments from a large crowd, which interestingly complained that no notice of the meeting was given.


Many in the crowd were legitimately concerned about paving 5 Mile. Many also spun the false narrative that it had already been decided that 5 Mile was going to be paved and that the township was not transparent. The fact is that the meeting was informational and no decision has been made regarding 5 Mile. In addition, it is not the township’s decision. The County Road Commission decides whether to pave gravel roads. They do so with input from the community, which Cannon facilitated. Despite the allegations of some in attendance, and to their likely great disappointment, there is no secret agreement, no backroom deal, and no effort to deceive. We just wanted to inform.


The meeting was not publicized accept to those most directly affected, the same way it has been done in the past. Most recently, the same process was followed when the paving of Chauncey was at issue  In that case, the residents most affected listened to the Road Commission, let it know their feelings and the road was not paved. Many years ago the same process was followed regarding Bush Drive. Again, the road was not paved.   


I know that in the age of social media and with the corruption and incompetence of the state and federal governments, some people, driven by anger, try to rally other angry people to their cause, however illusory.


What is lost is the effect their efforts have on people. The slings and arrows directed at Jim Alles, who has dedicated his entire adult life to serving Cannon Township, were not only not based in fact or reality, were unfair and cruel.