Todd Olson


Our family has had the pleasure of calling Cannon Township home since 1996. We've raised our children here, and we always cherished the privilege of residing in a community as wonderful as this, with its outstanding residents and abundant outdoor activities. In my professional journey spanning 25 years, I've held senior leadership roles in the trucking and transportation sector. Beyond my professional endeavors, in my free time I've devoted over two decades to serving and giving back. Since 1998, I've been an active member of Rotary International. Additionally, I've co-founded with my friends several charity events that raise funds for commendable causes such as The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, Hungry for Christ Food Missions, Arbor Circle, Rotary International and ShelterBox. As a self-professed lover of the outdoors, I often joke that if it involves an outdoor activity ending in "ing", Chances are I'm passionate about it. Whether it's camping, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, hunting, fishing, or simply walking my 8-pound chihuahua mix adventure dog in the woods, you'll likely find me enjoying nature's offerings. Serving as a trustee for the township and chairing the Parks and Recreation Committee is something I hold dear and has been a longstanding aspiration of mine. I'm deeply honored to fulfill this role. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve all the residents of Cannon Township diligently. Having served on the Parks and Recreation committee for several years, I've enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to enhancing recreational opportunities for our community members. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time if I can be of assistance. I welcome your ideas and suggestions on how we can further enhance recreational opportunities in Cannon Township.







6878 Belding Rd NE, Rockford, MI, 49341